Welcome to the Abbeyfield House St. Joseph Website!

Abbeyfield is a voluntary effort by people of good will and faith to assist the elderly to achieve a fulfilling way of life.

Abbeyfield Believes:

  • That older people everywhere suffer from loneliness and insecurity, and need care, companionship and practical support for their daily lives.
  • That older people still have an important role to play in the lives of their families, friends and communities.
  • That within each community, individuals can actively help older people to have a secure and happy life by offering them a home of their own within the companionship of a small household.

Abbeyfield Method:

  • Establish local Abbeyfield Societies made up of involved volunteers, in order to set up and manage Abbeyfield Houses where residents pay their share of the costs.
  • Every Abbeyfield House has its own live-in Manager, to maintain the house, provide two meals daily and to generally look after the residents.
  • The residents have their own apartments, furnished as they wish, where both their privacy and their right to invite visitors are assured.
  • Abbeyfield Houses are intended to become focal points of goodwill and friendly contact within the local community.

One Response to Home

  1. Tim McPherron says:

    Outstanding progress being made at Abbeyfield St. Joseph! Check out the “Latest Posts” for recent pics.

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